Apple Watch 3, Circular Display?

When Apple first released Apple Watch, people thought it is a well-made watch but it wasn’t innovative or the best smartwatch in the market. Therefore people expected huge jumps on specs and designs on the next generation of Apple watch.

제목 없음3

Apple watch 2 was released in September of last year.
The battery was improved, it got GPS sensor, and water resistant. It definitely was better than the prior generation.


However Apple Watch 2 was disappointing, the design which was the biggest deal for clients did not get improved.
People who had prior generation did not feel the necessity of new one and even the people who waited for Apple Watch 2 tend to go for the prior generation.


제목 없음4

People wanted circular screen 

This watch in the photo was revealed as a fake Apple Watch but a great number of people was excited about this design and hoped Apple Watch 2 comes with a circular screen.

제목 없음4

source: Apple Inside

Surprisingly Apple recently applied for a patent for the circular screen smart watch. People are guessing Apple Watch 3 will be coming with this circular screen.
Yet since the company Apple sometimes applies patent to block other companies from using, so we should wait to see if Apple Watch 3 will come with the circular screen. 



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