Galaxy S8’s New AI Assistant.

Samsung’s flagship note series and S series always draw a lot of attention before the launch.

AI Assistant

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The launch event of Samsung’s newest flagship galaxy s8 will be held on March 29. Of course, this phone will have the best specs and designs in the current market but the key point of this phone will be AI Assistant. Samsung confirmed their new AI Assistant “Bixby” will come with s8.

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AI Assistant is a hot topic upon big companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft. In detail, Google recently announced they have invested astronomical money into their AI Assistant project and introduced numbers of home devices with the use of AI Assistant.

How is Bixby Different?

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Samsung took over Artificial Intelligence venture company Viv Labs. Viv Labs is developing an AI which will understand any kind of tones of a human’s words. Samsung said they want to change the way people interact with their phone.

Samsung was well known for the high-end specs and great built quality for years but mobile companies in China are catching up quickly. If the quality of Bixby meets people’s expectation and needs, it might be the Samsung’s another step to the best mobile company.


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