AMD Ryzen is Rising!


AMD began sale on their newest and greatest CPU “Ryzen 7 series” early on this month. Ryzen has three different series of CPU which are 3 series, 5 s series, and 7 series. They are separated according to the numbers of core and threads. 

Ryzen 7 series was the first one came out.
On the first week of its sale, it only had a 2.71% market share.
The CPU had high specs and great price but people couldn’t go for Ryzen because of the company’s image.
But soon, reviewers who bought the CPU early complimented it and the market share jumped to 14.17% in the third week of its sale.

제목 없음4

Thanks to Ryzen, AMD is now taking 28% of CPU market share. 
Moreover, the supply of Ryzen 7 series is not meeting the demand and the prices are going up. The company announced supplement will be stabilized soon.

제목 없음4.png

 On 23rd of this month, one of the PC parts company, IAMTECH  launched an event to introduce new AM4 based BIOSTAR mainboard.

An endemic problem of AMD’s CPU seems to be solved on Ryzen series.
Since there weren’t many clients who afforded CPU, quality control of mainboards for AMD CPUs very poor.
However, for AM4 based mainboard companies seems to care more than before which can boost numbers of the buyer.


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