LG G4 is getting Nougat 7.0

One of the most important factors in the speed of smartphone is OS.

Google and Apple both constantly provide the new feature with OS upgrade. In the case of Apple’s iPhone, since Apple makes the OS along with the phone when the upgrade is released users can apply it right away. On the other hand, when upgraded Android is released, the actual supply of upgrades are left to the android phone companies.



제목 없음4

source: 9togoogle

As a result, the distribution of Androids newest OS version “Nougat” is only 1.2%. It is because the android phone companies need to invest in OS upgrades. In fact, most companies have about 30 % of developers just for applying upgraded OS to old phones.


In this current market situation, LG announced at the end of last year they are not providing Nougat upgrade to their flagship line G4 which was released in 2015.
However a lot of the users of G4 made a demand of Nougat upgrade and the company finally reversed a decision.

Nougat Upgrade for G4 is anticipated to be provided on the second term of this year. LGs Nougat update decision is a welcoming news for the users but they have to keep in mind that installing the new OS might be heavy for the old phone and result in a slowdown of the phone.


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