LG G4 is getting Nougat 7.0

One of the most important factors in the speed of smartphone is OS. Google and Apple both constantly provide the new feature with OS upgrade. In the case of Apple's iPhone, since Apple makes the OS along with the phone when the upgrade is released users can apply it right away. On the other hand, … Continue reading LG G4 is getting Nougat 7.0


AMD Ryzen is Rising!

AMD began sale on their newest and greatest CPU "Ryzen 7 series" early on this month. Ryzen has three different series of CPU which are 3 series, 5 s series, and 7 series. They are separated according to the numbers of core and threads.  Ryzen 7 series was the first one came out. On the … Continue reading AMD Ryzen is Rising!

Galaxy S8’s New AI Assistant.

Samsung's flagship note series and S series always draw a lot of attention before the launch. AI Assistant The launch event of Samsung's newest flagship galaxy s8 will be held on March 29. Of course, this phone will have the best specs and designs in the current market but the key point of this phone … Continue reading Galaxy S8’s New AI Assistant.

Apple Watch 3, Circular Display?

When Apple first released Apple Watch, people thought it is a well-made watch but it wasn't innovative or the best smartwatch in the market. Therefore people expected huge jumps on specs and designs on the next generation of Apple watch. Apple watch 2 was released in September of last year. The battery was improved, it … Continue reading Apple Watch 3, Circular Display?

Apple_iPhone 7/7+ Red Edition Released!

When the first rumor of the company Apple releasing "Red" color of iPhone came out, many people anticipated that it will be the iPhone 7s coming out. However, on March 21st, Apple introduced iPhone 7/7+ with red color to the public. In addition, iPad 9.7 which will be the replacement of iPad air line was … Continue reading Apple_iPhone 7/7+ Red Edition Released!